We are excited that you are considering us as a school for your child.

Our vibrant, energetic little school is small and intimate. If you visit our school and walk through the passages, you will see busy, noisy classrooms filled with happy, smiling students.

Our vision of ensuring every child feels worthy and validated is evident within the school. We pride ourselves in offering quality education to the broader Whittlesea community. WGAP is seen as a beacon of hope.

Our facilities are geared for teaching and learning. Our Makerspace is a highlight for students. The Makerspace is a space where teachers give students the freedom to identify the problem, collect information on the problem using tablets or our library, brainstorm and analyze problems within a group, develop solutions for the problem, receive feedback from the teacher, and improve the design. This space allows students to be creative, and think out of the box. Our Computer Lab is fully functional and provides students with invaluable skills.

Many hours of planning and hard work go into making our school such a success by our dedicated and loyal staff.

Bonnie Thomas
Operational Head


We pride ourselves in ensuring our schools live up to our mission of making “every child feel worthy and validated”.

  • Our caring and committed staff nurture and develop our students’ talents;

  • Individuals become fulfilled, active and compassionate citizens;

  • Technology and innovation meet.

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